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MKGC 31126 Consumer Behavior

Course description: 
Consumer Behavior

How does the study of consumer behavior help the consumer product firms, health care marketers, entertainment providers, and other types of service business understand and serve their customers? What concepts and frameworks helps us to understand our customers? What tools can be used in our companies? What types of consumer research can be done in our company or purchased from a marketing research provider?

These and other questions will be addressed in this course in relation to decisions by actual firms. We'll study the ways that consumers make decisions, how they find and evaluate alternatives, and how they purchase and use products. We'll consider what they do when they're satisfied and what happens when they are not! In particular, we'll study a group of psychological variables that can provide useful information about consumers: such as how they learn, what they perceive, and how they choose to live their lifestyles. In addition, we'll consider the impacts of the groups that they belong to: such as how their families, social groups, and ethnicities affect what they buy. When you have completed this course, you will have learned how major firms utilize consumer research in their own strategies and hopefully how to apply consumer research in your own firm.


Group presentation: 25%

Team project: 25%

Exam: 25%

Class attendance: 15%

Homework: 10%

The grade will correspond to 1 UV.