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MKGM 31218 Product Management

Course description:
Product Management

The course underlines the role of a marketer and how he can determine a strategy to implement the best coordinated product strategy. The main objective of the course is to bring students to develop a comprehensive theoretical and above all practical understanding (based on case studies) of marketers’ key challenges and hopefully how to work on it in their own firm.

The course will use Harvard Business School cases (i.e Ikea, Google, Microsoft, BMW, Starbucks...) and professional guest speakers to illustrate and discuss actual marketing issues such as: writing an efficient marketing plan; using panels and different brand strategies and tactics that will be discussed in class.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: 

  • Apply the concepts of branding, brand equity, brand identity and the relationships consumers have with brands.
  • Assess the brand identity elements of brands to determine what will appeal to consumers and motivate them to further experiences with the brand.
  • Employ new branding opportunities and approaches, such as the use of social media. 
  • Plan and present comprehensive and effective marketing programs that leverage the marketing mix with the aim of building strong brands or enhancing brand loyalty.


The grade for this course will be based on class attendance and participation, and a written case solution and presentation related to a current branding issue, as identified by the guest speakers from Unilever.

The grade will correspond to 1 UV.